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You are ready to buy that new build home. But where do you start? There are many steps involved when buying any home, but even more when deciding to build your own home.

This series of articles will take you from the beginning of the process through the mystery of what happens on your lot, how your home is actually constructed and what is going on behind the scenes. Don’t panic, it’s all very cool. And after all, it will be worth it when you get your keys and go through your new home for the very first time.

You will need to know how much home you can afford, so a great first step is to go online and take a look at this mortgage calculator. Be clear on the price you are able to spend on your new home before you start looking. Sit down and write out a list of the things you want in a home. This exercise helps you determine what items are deal breakers.

Hey, where do you want to live?

Seems easy enough. First, you need to decide in which new community you want to live. The new communities at Stapleton give you many choices. You should take a look at each neighborhood and evaluate which one meets your individual needs. Is location a primary concern? Do you want more parks and outside time, or is entertaining your biggest pleasure? Take a look at the different communities, the overall types of homes they offer and then make a decision on your new community. Take a drive through the community, take a walk in the parks and even talk to people who live there already. You may want to research HOA rules or zoning if you are into things like raising your own chickens or keeping alpaca. Really want a big garden? Better make sure that’s an option for you.

Just in Stapleton, you can choose from several neighborhoods. There is Beeler Park, Willow Park East, Wicker Park, and Bluff Lake, Conservatory Green, just to name four of the eleven neighborhoods.

Once you have decided on the community, now it is time to start looking at the different builders. Don’t try to look at all of the models in one day. This would be way too overwhelming and tiring. You will not make the best decision if you happen to see your true dream house at the end of a twelve-hour day of walking and looking at models. Take small bites and view only a few models each day. Take a look at the options that you can select. Do you want the most custom features available? Are you happy making a few cosmetic choices? When you have a builder in mind, do some research, check out on-line comments, the Better Business Bureau, and talk to your realtor. Just in Stapleton you have several builders like David Weekly Homes, KB Homes, Lennar, and Parkwood Homes.

You know where you want to live, you have decided on a builder and model that you like. Now, hire your own real estate agent. Remember the listing agent showing you that model home works for the builder, not for you. You need to have someone who will protect your rights and help you get the best possible deal and amenities the builder has to offer.

Super Tip!

All builders will pay for your realtor if you walk in with one because they build it in the price.

You and your realtor will work together and get the answers to many questions. Here is a quick list of things to ask and this is by no means all inclusive, but a good start.

  • What is included and what qualifies as an upgrade?
  • What appliances come with the house?
  • Can you hire your own home inspector and make the contract contingent upon their inspection?
  • Is a fenced wall included?
  • What is the typical percent of the total home price that is used on upgrades?
  • How long is the warranty and what does it cover?
  • Is backyard landscaping included?
Super Tip!

Landscaping alone can add $20,000 in additional costs.

There is much more to do. Take a look at the next article in this series, What Goes on Before You Break Ground?



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