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How can you go wrong with a tag line like ‘movement is our drug’? Endorphin says:  “Movement is our drug; Community is our purpose” And being community driven, their location at the Stanley Marketplace is the perfect place to open another location.

I was lucky enough to catch up with Kery Allen, Manager: Membership Advisor and student – even though she has an incredibly busy schedule she gave me some great quotes about Endorphin at the Stanley.

Endorphin-Stanley Marketplace-StapletonI asked what drew Endorphin to be a part of the Stanley Marketplace?

“What We loved the idea of having so many creative and diverse businesses in one place, we had to be a part of that! Great exposure and partnerships!

Chris is an amazing leader and is always looking for ways to grab people’s attention and invite them to join our community. His positive attitude is contagious. He allows us as managers and instructors to be truly creative in our teaching and marketing and helps us evolve. He’s had a huge impact on my life personally and I wouldn’t have been the same person without his positivity and passion.” 

Need more inspiration, check out their Instagram page.

Endorphin opened at the Stanley in February.

Checking out their website you instantly learn about their overriding philosophy:

“At Endorphin we believe in a well rounded approach to fitness, which is why we offer everything from Barbell 101, to High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) to Functional Indoor Cycling and much more. We believe the best path for long term health is to move in as many ways as possible, and to make that your lifestyle! At Endorphin you will find community, support, and fun like nowhere else! We are a locally owned Denver small business, but we have 8 locations to serve all types of movement and we work as a team to provide the best teachers, best classes, and best fitness experience in Denver!”

I asked what they love about living in Colorado, or Stapleton?

“Living in Colorado is great! …. I’m sure everyone says that! We love that Colorado’s community is so active and ready to try new things. We love getting people involved in our fitness programs but also outdoor activities and there is so much offered in this awesome state!” 

Endorphin offers the largest diversity of class offerings in Denver.

Cycle – Strength – HIIT – Yoga – Barre & more.

We have something for everyone, at any level of fitness.

Endorphin-Stanley Marketplace-Stapleton CO

How have you liked the Stanley so far?

“We love the Start community! All the business owners are very friendly and want to support us and what we do. It’s a great place for people to gather and have fun as well as do some shopping… It’s like a modern mall that fits the Colorado lifestyle!”

Check out Endorphin’s Facebook page

Endorphin-Stanley Marketplace-Stapleton CO

Is there anything specific you want your future customers to know?

“What I love most about Endorphin is that we have this amazing community of people. All the students and instructors bring their own passions for fitness and health and aren’t afraid to share it. We are very welcoming to all levels of fitness, all types of people and all age groups. 


We offer an intro month ( 30 days of unlimited classes) for only $69. We do this so people can check everything we have to offer. All of our locations are individual with different fitness specialties. We do not specialize in one type of movement. We think balance in your workout routine is necessary for a healthy life. 

We also do group trips outdoors (ski trips, yoga and fitness retreats, boot camps). We want our members to be the best that they can be in in every facet of their lives.”  


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