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Colorado, and especially the Denver area, is quickly making its mark as a dining destination. Eastbridge Town Center has added more fabulous choices for those who find joy in gastronomy. I had the opportunity to ask Colin Ness, the Director of Operations for Next Door, a few questions, and to get to know them a little better.


What drew Next Door to be a part of Eastbridge?


“Stapleton residents love how convenient Next Door is to their home now that we are part of the Eastbridge community. It’s quite literally ‘next door’ to many of the Stapleton residents and is walking and/or biking distance for most of the community which makes it truly a neighborhood destination.


“Stapleton is the ideal place for Next Door, an urban casual American eatery. Next Door is a community gathering space for families, friends, and young professionals. The Kitchen Restaurant Group has Next Door locations in downtown Boulder, Denver, and Glendale but it’s never been in the middle of a residential community before. The numbers so far speak for themselves, and we are thrilled to be part of the Stapleton community.”



If you haven’t heard of Next Door, check out their website. Their philosophy has always been tied into community. Next Door is a perfect fit for the neighborhoods of Stapleton.


“Next Door strives to be an integral part of the community and that starts with schools. Next Door partners with The Kitchen Community, a non-profit organization that builds outdoor Learning Gardens classrooms in schools across America.”


This community view is carried into every part of their company. Next Door wants you to thrive and be healthy, so they know where their food comes from and use only the best ingredients.



“Our goal at Next Door is to get communities thriving by scaling affordable, real food. That means working with American farmers who we trust to supply us with the best ingredients possible. Real food is food we trust to nourish our bodies, our farmers and our communities. 


“Instead of real food, many American communities are eating high-calorie food shipped in from miles away. The results of not being connected to real food has been awful. Childhood and adult obesity is the result of not being connected to our food source.”



I asked Colin if he was a native of Colorado, and if not, how long has he been in Colorado?


“I’m not a Colorado native but have been here for now for more than a decade and have raised my family in Stapleton. My wife and I adore Stapleton.” 



What is something you love about living in Colorado, or Stapleton?


“Stapleton is such a tight-knit community of like-minded, hardworking families who care about their neighbors and the businesses they support. I’m biased of course because my wife and I chose to live, thrive, and raise our kids in this community but it really is a wonderful place.”



Let’s talk about food.


A recent article in Westworld does a great job talking about the Next Door menu and Chef Verrier.


“A new menu from culinary director Merlin Verrier (the subject of this week’s Chef & Tell) has also been launched with more than twenty new items, including a selection of bowls intended to showcase the high-quality ingredients for which Next Door has become known. Fans of the kale chips, hummus and potato smashers from the restaurant’s original menu will be pleased to see those items still holding their ground among the many new offerings like a calamari frito misto, with crunchy zucchini and pepperoncini rounds, crispy salt ‘n’ pepper chicken bites, and a “loaded” version of the smashers piled with bacon, cheddar, sour cream and jalapeño that evolved from an underground menu of employee favorites.”




“Next Door opened in the Eastbridge Stapleton community in March of this year. So far, the community has shown us that it’s a wonderful place to open a real food restaurant like Next Door.” 





Be sure to follow Next Door on their Facebook page, so you don’t miss one of their events, updates from farms, new menu items and cool pics from diners.

They have social media covered so if you love gorgeous pictures of food on Instagram, check out their page.

And get the low-down in 120 @nextdooreatery on their Twitter feed.



Now let’s get to our final question for Colin.




Is there anything specific you want your future customers to know?

“We host an amazing program every Monday night to raise money for local schools called 504U. Next Door donates 50% of all food and drink from participating tables. It’s a wonderful way to support our community while also bringing neighbors together for good food, drink, and conversation. Parents or teachers can sign up here to book a date:

“We also sponsor the pools in the summer which is so much fun. The pools are a fantastic and fun community gathering space. Next Door is kicking off our delivery program at the pools this summer so Stapleton residents can have fun at the pool while eating real food from Next Door. A win-win.”

Here’s to another great addition to the neighborhoods of Stapleton Denver. See you there.


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